Hand County Land for Sale

Price Reduction

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Farmers – Cattlemen – Outdoorsmen – Investors


1,333.56 contiguous acres of cropland, hay land and native pasture offered For Sale.

Improvements including:
Well-drained cropland
3 dams, 2 being spring fed
Open gravel pit
Native sod pasture
Old fencing removed
Extensive rock removal
Tree removal
New construction of an access road

This property has 778 +/- acres of cropland with an average productivity index of .66 and a high of .80. Cropland is ready for large equipment boasting a 2.5-mile continuous stretch. This consists predominately of level ground and low hills.

Grassland has scenic views and rolling hills providing prime grazing. Due to its remote setting, this property is a highly traveled area for whitetail deer, mule deer, predator hunting and other wildlife activity.

Legal Description:

All of Section 18, Section 19, NW1/4 of Section 20, N1/2 and the SW1/4 of Section 20, all in Township 111 North, Range 70, West of the 5th P.M., Hand County, South Dakota

Property Taxes: $7,167.14

Owner & Seller’s Request:
Due to high moisture and road conditions, we respectfully ask the interested parties to contact American Land Agency, LLC to set up a showing.

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